The Whole Wild Bunch

Mommy's scarf is too cool for
her to wear alone.  And nothing
is cooler than Duckface.  Put
them both together, and you have
two mad awesome chicks.
Mommy:  The Okayest Mom Ever in the flesh.  Teacher, Librarian (wannabe), reader, writer, 'rithmatic-er (HAHA!  Not so much.  But that's OK).  Hoping to someday figure out what "it" is and get it under control.  Until then, just OK-ing along.

Daddy's favorite color is
purple, so he got a purple
birthday cake.  The cake is way
more interesting than the picture!

Daddy:  The Okayest Dad Ever (he doesn't get a cooler title than I do until he starts his own blog).  Teacher, author, (basket)baller, and inventive cook (who else would ever think to put french fries, chopped up hot dogs, stir-fry vegetables and bacon on a cookie tray together, cover it all with garlic, and serve it up?).  Patient with a series of OK ideas. 

Most of us look at the sad
little tree in the corner of the
Chinese buffet and just see...
well, nothing much.  But she
sees a photo op.

Eldest daughter:  She plans to grow up to be either a Girl Scientist (palentologist) or a Fry Cook (thank you, Sponge Bob).  Values her baby sister and "Moves Like Jagger," and loves to do projects, play her Nook and get her PopPop in trouble.

A picture is worth a thousand words,
and this one just perfectly describes
this girl!

Youngest Daughter:  Sweet as can be, but equally stubborn, this little Dora and Diego lover wants to keep up with her big sister, read books, and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle!!

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