Sunday, February 24, 2013

World's Okayest Mom

I can't find anything but pictures of this, but if anyone
 knows where to order it, please send me the link
(both for attribution purposes and so that I can buy them in bulk).
Over the last week or two, this picture has been taking the internet by storm.  Searching for the original picture/source, I found approximately one hundred eighty seven zillion and twelve (give or take a few zillion) blog posts, comments, Facebook reposts, Pinterest pins and more, all glorying in the fact that IT IS OK TO BE OK!!  More than ok.  Coffee mug worthy, even.  And if it's on a coffee mug, it must be cool.

One of my very good friends posted it the other day, and it's been lurking in my mind ever since.

I have always wanted to be the Best Mom Ever.  The one with the clean house and inventive recipes and well-behaved children and gifts for the daycare providers (oops, did I forget those again?) and all the requiste pieces of Best-ness.  I have the Best Kids Ever, no debate.  So they deserve the Best Mom Ever.

However, they've got me.  They could certainly have worse.  I have never beaten anyone with a clothes hanger, or - to date - even made someone who stamped up the stairs walk correctly up them 50 times (ahem, Pop Pop).  But I don't know how to sew, and I do not have angelic patience, nor do I strictly insist on brushing hair on weekends, and we don't have a chore chart, and more than one meal has been eaten in front of the TV and so on and on and on...

But... Okay Moms are OK with all those things.  I'm OK.  You're OK.  A Lunchable (!) in front of the TV is OK. 

Time to embrace the Okay-ness.

It will all be... OK.


  1. Hey! I'm the owner of the mug, which was made for me in early March this year. I originally posted the photo on my FB page, but then on the website Reddit, and from there the photo was passed everywhere. My friend made for me during a particularly hard time of my life- she used the website Zazzle to create it.

    1. oops, I mean the end of February. It was a crazy time and it's all just smearing together.